Rovelver Vito Premium V

Rovelver Premium model

The Rovelver Premium model, which can be selected as a Van Vito and V-Class, was designed as a very practical and durable interior for car design. Therefore, it can serve particularly well for business purposes.

Whether it is used as a chauffeur service vehicle to transport VIP customers or as a pool vehicle and company car to transport business partners and guests, the Rovelver Premium Edition provides the appropriate design solution for your business concept.

Nappa leather upholstered VIP seats, a ceiling construction with multi-color LED system, an Intelligent Ambient Light System together with the 5.1 Reiss Premium Sound System enable absolute well-being for all passengers.

A Wi-Fi Router in combination with double-sided folding 15.4 inch LED TVs and AppleTV allow your friends, clients and guests to relax and enjoy multimedia or work conveniently. In addition, a refrigerator and mini bar are available so your passengers can refresh just as a humidor to store cigars for them.


• Maybach LED Ceiling with multi color and dimming function
• Thermal and acoustic insulation for reducing external noise

• Alcantara, Mahagony wood and Nappa leather workmanship
• Ambient Light System
• Luxury VIP seats with Isofix and Nappa leather upholstering


• Refrigerator 21 L (+ 5 – 18 ° C)
•Double-sided, folding 15.4 inch LED TVs

• Incorporated Apple TV and Mobile Wi-Fi Router
• 2x Electrically retractable tables
• 5.1 Reiss Multimedia Sound System
• USB ports, HDMI interface to multimedia system, 220V plug