Rovelver Sprinter Full Business

Rovelver Business Edition

Based on the Mercedes-Benz Vito, V-Class and Sprinter, the product variant offers the VIP design adapted to your daily activity. A Sprinter Business Edition is designed to be used in the form of a Functional Van and a mobile office. Thus an arrangement of seats opposite the class G fully electric seats, tables with electric opening, several refrigerators with a minibar and supplemented by a Nespresso coffee machine. Will allow you business meetings and wellness until you reach your destination. You will also find a 32-inch QLED, which can be electrically immersed in the score, allows you to watch the news, switch off with the Apple TV or even hold qualitative videoconferences.

• Maybach LED Ceiling with multi color and dimming function
• Thermal and acoustic insulation for reducing external noise
• Alcantara, Mahagony wood and Nappa leather workmanship
• Intelligent Ambient Light System
• Fully electrical Mercedes-Benz S-Class Seatbench with footrest, seat heating, seat ventilation, massage function and Nappa leather upholstering
• Fully electrical Mercedes-Benz G-Class Seats with electrical opening drawers below
• Refrigerator 21 L (+ 5 – 18 ° C)
• Nespresso Coffee machine, Mini bar, Humidor

• Rovelver Remote System (©RRS) with portable iPad mini to control the VIP features
• Voice Control System (©VCS) to control the VIP features
• Safe with biometric fingerprint recognition
• Partition wall with retractable 32-inch Samsung QLED TV
• Incorporated PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Mobile Wi-Fi Router

• Portable iPad mini with charge station integrated in the armrest
• 2x Electrically retractable tables
• Cinema System Harman Kardon 5.1
• USB ports, HDMI interface to Cinema System, 220V plug
• Camera System Quattro Function (front, rear, km/h, driver)