Rovelver Zenith SB VIP Van

Mercedes-Benz VIP Van – Rovelver Zenith Edition

The Rovelver Zenith model is the all new interior built up that is on an absolute different level when it comes to technical innovations and luxury pure.

This model has set the current new trend for the VIP Auto Design industry by providing fully electrical S-Class seats which are upgraded for lay flat position. In front of these two electrically folding seats are facing the rear and these are retractable for a maximum of legroom and even lying position.

The double vehicle insulation for reducing external noise, a 32-inch QLED television, a starry sky ceiling with shooting stars function and star animation, a related ambient lighting system and a high-end 5.1 audio system make you feel to not be in a vehicle anymore, but in a first-class private jet.

The Rovelver Zenith interior enables you to access a vehicle interior of the superlative. All electronics in the VIP compartment can be operated via the Rovelver Remote System (©RRS) on a portable iPad mini or the Voice Control System (©VCS) conveniently by voice control.

You can configure your individual interior design completely at your personal interests so your dream on wheels can become real.

Further, a Wi-Fi router in combination with electrically retractable tables, inductive charging stations and various power connectors, such as USB ports, a 220 V socket for notebooks and a HDMI interface to the cinema system make this product variant to a well-conceived technical masterpiece of handcrafted beauty.

• Starry sky ceiling with shooting stars function and star animation
• Thermal and acoustic insulation for reducing external noise
• Alcantara, Mahagony wood and Nappa leather workmanship
• Intelligent Ambient Light System
•VIP Seating:2x Luxury Mercedes-Benz S-Class Seats
•Seats upholstered with fine Nappa leather and perforation pattern
•Mercedes-Benz S-Class control
•Electrically driving
•Electrically reclining
•Electrically extending footrest
•Heating system
•Cooling system
•Massage function
•Electrically driving drawer below the middle console

VIP Guest Seating:2x Luxury Retractable Seats
•Behind the driver, facing the rear
•Seats upholstered with fine •Bentley Nappa leather and perforation pattern
Refrigerator 21 L (+ 5 – 18 ° C)
• Nespresso Coffee machine, Mini bar, Humidor

• Rovelver Remote System (©️RRS) with portable iPad mini to control the VIP features
• Voice Control System (©️VCS) to control the VIP features
• Safe with biometric fingerprint recognition
• Partition wall with retractable 32-inch Samsung QLED TV
• Incorporated PlayStation 5, Apple TV, Mobile Wi-Fi Router
• Portable iPad mini with charge station integrated in the armrest
• 2x Electrically retractable tables
• Cinema System Harman Kardon 5.1
• USB ports, HDMI interface to Cinema System, 220V plug
• Camera System Quattro Function (front, rear, km/h, driver)