Mercedes-Benz V-Class Royal MB VIP Van

VIP Design Conversion
Vip design

• Ceiling Rovelver LED Maybach Lighting with multi colour function
• Thermal and acoustic insulation for reducing noise
• Alcantara coating & Mahagony wood & Bentley Nappa leather
• VIP partition wall with integrated electrically driving 32” LED TV
• Seating: Mercedes-Benz S-Class with footrest & 2x Mercedes-Benz ML-Class
• Refridgerator 21 L (+ 5 – 18 ° C)
• Nespresso Coffee machine, Mini bar
• Incorporated PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Internet Modem 4G
• Control station iPad mini with charge station integrated in the armrest
• 2x Electrically folding tables
• Cinema System Harman Kardon 5.1
• 2x USB interface to HQ Sound System & 220V plug integrated
• Carema System Quattro function (front, rear, km/h, media)

Vip design
van de Mercedes luxe
Vip design
van de Mercedes luxe